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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Mendeley web importer?

Select the browser you'd like to install Web Importer on below and follow the steps. Visit the Chrome Web Store while using Google Chrome and click ' Add to Chrome '. If you see 'Remove from Chrome' then Mendeley Web Importer is installed, but it may be hidden in your toolbar.

How to save references to Mendeley from chrome?

Save references to Mendeley from Chrome easily! Mendeley is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organise, cite and share your research sources. With the Mendeley Web Importer extension, you are able to easily save references and PDF files into your personal library with a single click.

How do I export references to Mendeley?

Instead you have to manually export your references as a text file formatted as either RIS or BibTeX which you then import into Mendeley. Run a search on your topic in a Library database and mark one or more references of interest. Look for "export" or "save" or "citation" in the database's options (the terminology varies by database).

How do I enable web importer?

Locate 'Mendeley Web Importer' and click ' Details '. Locate 'Allow access to file URLs' and set the toggle to 'ON'. You may need to refresh the page before Web Importer is able to import. Open the "…" menu in the top-right. Select ‘ Extensions ’. Locate ‘Mendeley Web Importer’ and click ‘ Details ’.

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