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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mendeley web importer?

Mendeley Web Importer is an extension for web browsers which helps you to add references to your library with full text PDFs. We’ve rebuilt from the ground up to ensure you are always able capture the references you need. Available for Chrome and Firefox. 1. Launch Mendeley Web Importer

How do I add a reference to Mendeley?

How to add your first reference. 1 1. Launch Mendeley Web Importer. Click on the in your browser toolbar to launch the Mendeley Web Importer window. Alternatively, press the keyboard ... 2 2. Sign in. 3 3. Select references to import. 4 4. Add to Mendeley library.

How do I enable web importer?

Locate 'Mendeley Web Importer' and click ' Details '. Locate 'Allow access to file URLs' and set the toggle to 'ON'. You may need to refresh the page before Web Importer is able to import. Open the "…" menu in the top-right. Select ‘ Extensions ’. Locate ‘Mendeley Web Importer’ and click ‘ Details ’.

Can I scan the full text before adding it to Mendeley?

If you prefer to scan the full text before deciding to add it to your Mendeley library, now you can simply select ‘View PDF’ in the Mendeley Web Importer interface. The PDF will open within Elsevier’s enhanced PDF reader, adding navigational shortcuts and clickable elements to the full texts.

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