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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Quicken Loans offer help in refinancing mortgage?

Both Better and Quicken Loans offer refinancing, but neither company offers a home equity loan product or home equity line of credit (HELOC) option. If you would like the option to get cash from your home equity, you will need to look into other mortgage lender options. Overall, for a wider variety of loan types, we would recommend Quicken Loans.

How big can Quicken Loans get?

“Quicken Loans now offerings $325 billion of loan volume, and almost 8 million humans stay in houses that have a loan with Quicken Loans,” Farner said. “This speedy-growing and top-5 servicing portfolio now not most effective throw off huge income, but its value is counter-cyclical to growing interest prices.

Does Quicken do bridge loans?

Does Quicken do bridge loans? In short, bridge loans solve the financing problem that arises when a home buyer wishes to purchase a new home before their current home sells. While Quicken Loans® currently does not offer bridge loans, we know the importance of education regarding home loan topics that matter to you.

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