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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Amazon Business?

You can contact a seller on Amazon by going to their seller page either before or after you've placed an order.To view and reply to conversations with Amazon sellers, go to the Buyer/Seller Message Center.If your order was eligible for Amazon Prime, then you should contact Amazon customer service for help.More items...

How do I create a business account on Amazon?

You can easily create an Amazon business account by following these simple steps:To get started, first visit on "Create a free Amazon Business account" which you can easily find in the corner of the page.Now, it will ask you about the email that you want to use for your Amazon business account. Or, you can use the one that is provided by your employer. ...

Is an Amazon business account worth it?

While there are a lot of upsides, there are some reasons you may not want to make an Amazon Business account when you see the option. That said, it is worth the upgrade for most real businesses that rely on Amazon.

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