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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of for?

English Language Learners Definition of for —used to indicate the place someone or something is going to or toward —used to indicate the person or thing that something is sent or given to —used to indicate the thing that something is meant to be used with

What does for mean in a sentence?

In stories, foris sometimes used to mean 'because'. This use is rather old-fashioned, and is not used in conversation. This is where he spent his free time, forhe had nowhere else to go. See because

What does for mean in legal terms?

Legal Definition of for. 1 : because of a statute void for vagueness. 2 : on behalf of : as the representative of attorney general's office for petitioner. Keep scrolling for more. Comments on for.

What is the synonym of for?

Synonyms for for. 'cause, as, as long as, because, being (as or as how or that) [ chiefly dialect], considering, inasmuch as,

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