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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GoComics down?

I don't know what is happening, but has been down for a few days now, taking a large number of very popular titles with it. Dilbert, The Far Side, Phoebe and her Unicorn and Garfield are the ones I know of. CALVIN AND HOBBES!!! Since late Friday, best I can tell.

What comics are available on GoComics?

Print editions may have them. GoComics has about a thousand comics, and political cartoons. Drew Sheneman, Rob Rogers, Nick Anderson, Clay Bennett, Robert Ariail, Jeff Stahler, Gary Marshall, Prickly City/Scott Stantis, and several others are also not available.

Is there a non-English version of for better or for worse?

For Better or For Worse Comic Strip by Lynn Johnston. If there's a non-English version of this strip available, it'll show up below. Or, you can browse our entire collection on this page.

Is GoComics insolvent?

GoComics was heavily invested through FTX. All funds were lost. Go comics can't pay the artist fees, server fees, payroll, or even the electric bill. Like hundreds of other companies, GoComics is now insolvent. Yeah, the timing of that is suspicious too. Actually, if they were hacked (say, by ransomware), it's not that easy.

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