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Frequently Asked Questions

How are prospects ranked?

You’ll note that prospects are ranked by number but also lie within tiers demarcated by their Future Value grades. The FV grade is more important than the ordinal ranking.

Who are the Indians' best prospects?

The Indians' lack of a player ranked in the upper half of the Top 100 belies the talent in a system on the rise. The majority of their best prospects are 21 or younger, including Valera, Arias, Espino, catcher Bo Naylor and middle infielders Brayan Rocchio and Angel Martinez.

Who are the Dallas Cowboys' best prospects?

Their four best prospects are their four most recent first-round selections -- Leiter (2021), Jung (2019), Winn (2018) and Foscue (2020) -- but there is plenty of talent stacked up behind them too.

Who is the best bat in the 2020 draft?

Austin Martin, CF, TOR The best bat in the 2020 draft, Martin features a big league approach, outstanding contact ability and average power. The Blue Jays will figure out his defensive home as he keeps on raking. This is a good time to remind readers that present hit tool grades are standardized.

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