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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top baseball prospects in the MLB draft?

Some were acquired on the international market that just opened last January, some were acquired via trade and some played their way onto the list. Reid Detmers has been the No. 1 prospect since Brandon Marsh graduated off the list last year and that continued for this new ranking, though he’s expected to graduate off the list soon enough.

Who is the consensus top prospect in the 2019 draft?

From the fall after his freshman season onward, Rutschman went wire-to-wire as the consensus top prospect in the 2019 draft. He ended up slashing .353/.473/.559 throughout his career at Oregon State, where he also briefly kicked for the football team, and stood apart from the other members of Collegiate Team USA.

Who is the best corner bat in 2022?

Rodriguez will likely make his big league debut in 2022 and has the potential to be a No. 1 starter and Cy Young candidate. 4. Julio Rodríguez, RF, SEA A gregarious young slugger (unless you’re 60’6″ away from him), Rodríguez’s potent contact and power combination makes him the highest-ranked corner bat on this list.

Who will be Miami's first starting pitcher in 2022?

Meyer is primed to be one of the first starting pitcher call-ups for Miami in 2022, and should become a rotation stalwart. 59. Elly De La Cruz, SS, CIN Signed: July 2nd Period, 2018 from Dominican Republic (CIN) De La Cruz is a boom-or-bust prospect who could really bust or go supernova.

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