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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Facebook Messenger link from a close friend a scam?

If you get a mysterious link sent to from a close friend over Facebook messenger, it might be wise not to click. A new scam is targeting users via their closest friends by sending out personalized links that include the recipient's name next to the word "video" and a surprised looking emoji.

Did a phishing message scam 10 million Facebook users?

A well-written phishing message sent via Facebook Messenger has reportedly scammed 10 million Facebook users and counting. ThreatPost reports that over the course of months, millions of Facebook users have been tricked by a phishing scam that dupes users into sending hackers their account credentials.

Is “look what I found” on Facebook a scam?

Facebook users should be aware of messages seemingly sent by friends over Messenger that contain a link attached to the message “Look what I found”. The messages will arrive via Facebook Messenger and may appear to have been sent to you by friends. However these links will direct users to scam websites.

Are fake Facebook emails a scam?

Scams involving fake emails have been around for years, and Facebook users are not immune from receiving them. Phishing email will include a link and some wording that encourages you to follow the link to Facebook — except it isn’t the real Facebook, just a spoofed website. Sometimes the website will be that you have compromised accounts.

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