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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You being scammed through Facebook Messenger?

Here's what to watch out for. Scams through Facebook’s Messenger platform are being reported at higher rates than ever before, according to AARP, citing its own data as well as that of the government. Since Facebook’s early days, cybercriminals have been mining Facebook’s direct-messaging capabilities to scam unsuspecting victims out of money.

How do scammers use fake Facebook accounts to hack accounts?

In either case, the scammer then uses the fake/hacked account to send private messages to the account holder’s friends that elicit either money or personal information. The messages vary, but all are designed to prey on our human vulnerabilities, including:

What are some examples of Facebook scams?

Facebook Scams. Friend requests from weird accounts, marketplace listings that seem too good to be true, profiles of people that already have profiles…these are just a few examples of Facebook scams. Phishing and other acts of fraud are rife on the world’s largest social network.

What is a Facebook phishing scam?

Consumer Affairs warns of this “phishing scam” that uses the threat of shame to goad you into giving up personal information. The scammer hacks into one of your Facebook friend’s Messenger accounts and sends you a video, asking if it’s really you in the video, and implying there’s something in the video that could embarrass you.

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