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Frequently Asked Questions

Did a phishing message scam 10 million Facebook users?

A well-written phishing message sent via Facebook Messenger has reportedly scammed 10 million Facebook users and counting. ThreatPost reports that over the course of months, millions of Facebook users have been tricked by a phishing scam that dupes users into sending hackers their account credentials.

Is Facebook Messenger a scam?

As online and app messaging become common ways to communicate, scammers have taken notice. According to DMR’s recent business stats, Facebook Messenger had 1.3 billion users as of 2017. With more and more people using Facebook Messenger daily, it is likely that you will encounter a scammer at one point or another. The problem?

What happens if you get a Facebook confirmation code from a scammer?

It was actually sent by a scammer pretending to be your friend, either from your friend’s real account which the scammer has already broken into or from a clone account. If you go along with the scammer’s request, this is what will happen: 1 – The scammer will end up with both your phone number and the Facebook confirmation code.

Are there any Facebook Friend Request scams?

Phishing and other acts of fraud are rife on the world’s largest social network. There are a number of widespread scams on that platform, such as the many Facebook friend request scams, many of which are phishing accounts just trying to get your information. Facebook Scams: List Below

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