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Frequently Asked Questions

What's going on with Eames' House?

The Eames Foundation has released a plan to maintain the modernist Californian residence that Charles and Ray Eames built for themselves to make it look like the designers "just stepped out for the day".

What software did Ray Eames use to design his house?

These drawings of the Charles and Ray Eames House were done entirely in AutoCAD. Custom designed furniture and floor plan layouts add a personal

Is Eames House a case study house?

Completed by the late American design duo in 1949, Eames House is regarded as a key example of the Case Study House experiments for building postwar American residences efficiently and inexpensively. It was landmarked in 2006.

What kind of furniture does Eames make?

The studio functioned for more than four decades, and some of the most important designs to come out from Eames Office include a moulded-plywood DCW (Dining Chair Wood), the Eames Lounge Chair, and the RAR rocking chair. Photography is by Leslie Schwartz and Joshua White, courtesy of Eames Office.

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