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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Eames House look like?

A row of eucalyptus trees was also planted at the front that provide shade and blend parts of the house with outdoors. The Eames House is a beautiful continuation of space. The rooms are liberating, flowing into one another even between floors through the double-height spaces.

What software did Ray Eames use to design his house?

These drawings of the Charles and Ray Eames House were done entirely in AutoCAD. Custom designed furniture and floor plan layouts add a personal

What is a floor plan with dimensions?

Communicating Measurements: Several different people are involved in a construction project and they all need to communicate. Floor plans with dimensions allow the architect or designer to convey precise project details to contractors. Without dimensions, floor plans are ambiguous and open to interpretation.

Can you add dimensions to a House floor plan?

When it comes to adding dimensions to the floor plan, there are plenty of different options available and each approach has its own pros and cons. Check out the examples below to get an idea of what’s possible: House floor plans cover a large living area and are usually split up into separate drawings for each floor.

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