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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best frisbee discs for kids?

For instance, Wham-O Frisbees have good aerodynamics and they are made of soft plastic. Consider buying the disc with a small diameter to the kids could throw them effortlessly; Most Frisbee discs are made from soft or hard plastic. This is a perfect material for throwing the disc high in the air.

Are Frisbees good for kids?

Most frisbees are made from some type of plastic, which makes them durable, inexpensive, easy to throw and control, and a cinch to clean. However, getting hit with a hard plastic disc can be painful, so it may not be the best material for kids.

How to choose the best Frisbee for beginners?

So, if you’re a beginner, you should go for a frisbee that weighs less. However, a heavier disc will remain more stable when the wind is blowing and travel farther. Along with the weight, you’ll also find the frisbee’s diameter mentioned on the product page. You must buy a disc that will fit well in your hands.

What is the best weighted Frisbee?

This Frisbee is good only for the sand/grass/dirt. Innova Big Kahuna Disc – the best for weight! The Innova Big Kahuna brand offers the heavyweight disc for throwing on windy days. When you need to add extra weight to your throw, choose this Frisbee. This might be a good choice for a family vacation and serious competition.

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