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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fully automated coagulation analyzer?

The fully automated coagulation analyzer CS-5100 (hereinafter CS-5100) (Fig. 1) was developed to meet these demands. CS-5100 has a common platform with CS-2000i/2100i, and is capable of high throughput up to 400 tests per hour. It has both cap piercing and small volume sampling capabilities, and improved user friendliness.

What is the history of Sysmex blood coagulation analyzers?

During this period, the company brought out several analyzers to meet the different needs of customers, as the CA series analyzers, more than 20,000 of which are presently in use the world over. In 2006 Sysmex launched the fully automated blood coagulation analyzers CS-2000i/2100i

What are the different methods of detection of coagulation?

This analyzer is provided with a detector that can implement 4 different methods of detection, i.e., coagulation time method, chromogenic substrate method, immunoturbidimetry and aggregation method, and can handle a wide range of analysis parameters.

How to measure the coagulation factor XIII (synthetic substrate method)?

The Multi-Wavelength Filter has an ultraviolet region (340nm) that makes it possible to measure Coagulation Factor XIII (synthetic substrate method). The principle of Berichrom FXIII is based on the decrease in NADH activity which is detected by monitoring its absorbance at 340 nm.

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