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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a coagulation test?

Coagulation tests measure your blood’s ability to clot, and how long it takes to clot. Testing can help your doctor assess your risk of excessive bleeding or developing clots (thrombosis) somewhere in your blood vessels.

What is the coagulation mechanism?

The coagulation mechanism includes platelet activation, adhesion, and aggregation, as well as fibrin deposition and maturation. A Coagulation Analyzer is a device that quickly and easily tests blood samples for an individual's blood clotting characteristics and measures blood platelet levels.

What is the best coagulation analyzer?

At Kalstein we have a fully automated coagulation analyzer with excellent performance, ideal for laboratories with a large volume of samples, it performs coagulation, chromogenic and immunochemical tests simultaneously.

What is the difference between optical and mechanical coagulation analyzers?

When comparing coagulation analyzers, some systems are optical based while others are both mechanical and optical based, depending on the assay type (clot based vs. chromogenic vs. immunoturbidometric). Trolio explained, “if it’s more sensitive, you can work up more patients. Both do the job, but both have bias.”

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