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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my AutoCAD license manager not working?

Note: If the error appears when using versions 2019 or earlier of Autodesk software, see "The License manager is not functioning or is improperly installed" when launching AutoCAD versions 2017 to 2019 . Recommended - Try the Troubleshooting Tool. Update the Autodesk Desktop Licensing Service and the Autodesk Single Sign-On Component.

How to fix Autodesk license error?

[Solution] Autodesk License Error 1 Solution:. Make sure the correct license type is in use: Find License Information - Download & Install. Make sure the... 2 Switch graphic libraries used by the Licensing/Login Component (Windows 7 only). Licensing/Login Component by default... See More....

Why is my Autodesk software not working?

Error [0.0.0]" when starting Autodesk software Common causes: all licenses are in use, the server is down, or the license has expired. Contact your system administrator or support. License server is not setup properly or is outdated. Connecting to invalid server or server not hosting Autodesk product licenses.

How do I update my Autodesk license?

Confirm that the license has been assigned to the end user. See: Assign Products and Services to Users in the New View - Account Management. Install all available updates for the software used. Use one of the following methods: Download the update (s) from your Autodesk Account. Download the update (s) using the Autodesk Desktop App.

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