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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my AutoCAD license manager not working?

Note: If the error appears when using versions 2019 or earlier of Autodesk software, see "The License manager is not functioning or is improperly installed" when launching AutoCAD versions 2017 to 2019 . Recommended - Try the Troubleshooting Tool. Update the Autodesk Desktop Licensing Service and the Autodesk Single Sign-On Component.

How to check if Autodesk desktop licensing service is running?

04-14-2020 05:52 AM Also check in the services tab in the task manager if the service "Autodesk Desktop Licensing Service" is running. make sure you have installed all the updates from the Desktop App. 04-14-2020 05:56 AM

How to reinstall AutoCAD license service (x64)?

Right click on Autodesk License Service (x64) X.X and click Change - the component will be reinstalled. Repeat for any other version of Autodesk License Service (x64) listed. Run AutoCAD again. If the previous solutions don’t solve the problem, try each of the following, one at a time. Test for success before trying the next one.

How do I fix Autodesk software not working?

Software is not registered with the local Autodesk License Service. Disable any antivirus and/or firewall temporarily. Note: Consult with your IT/System Administrator, if necessary. Uninstall the application from Control Panel > Uninstall a Program. Reboot the computer. Reinstall the software.

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