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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what military awards my unit received?

Use online resources to find out what military awards your unit received. Gather all the information you can about your military service so you can use it during later searches to help you find the military awards your unit has received.

Can an army unit be included in another Service's Unit Award?

A12: In order for an Army unit to be included in another service’s unit award recommendation/approval, the other service must first request “permission” (concurrence) from the Department of the Army (through the Awards and Decorations Branch (ADB)) to include the Army unit in their award.

How are unit awards reviewed?

Unit awards not approved in theater must be boarded by the Army Unit Awards Board. All approved unit awards must then be reviewed by the Center of Military History (CMH). The review ensures historical accuracy, verifies that there are no duplications, and updates the unit's lineage and honors.

What is an ADB Unit Award?

The ADB unit awards web page lists other service awards and joint awards that have been approved for acceptance by Army units. If an award is listed, the Soldier may wear it and update his/her Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) or Officer Record Brief (ORB).

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