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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Find my Army unit awards?

Help!! HERE is a link to the “U.S. Army Decorations, Awards, and Honors Unit Citation and Campaign Participation Credit Register“. It will help you search and confirm your personal Unit Awards. HERE is a link to all ““Department of Army General Orders (DAGO) from 1947 to 2012“.

What is the Valorous Unit Award?

The Valorous Unit Award (VUA) is the second highest United States Army unit decoration which may be bestowed upon an Army unit after the Presidential Unit Citation (PUC).

What is the Army Superior Unit Award?

VI—ARMY SUPERIOR UNIT AWARD. By direction of the Secretary of the Army, under the provisions of AR 600–8–22, paragraph 7–16, the Army Superior Unit Award is awarded to the following units of the Armed Forces of the United States for meritorious service in connection with difficult and challenging missions during peacetime:

Where can I find Wot unit awards?

As resources permit, HRC and CMH ONLINE will attempt to post those orders. In the meantime, most WOT unit awards have been confirmed in Department of the Army General Orders, which are available through the Army Publishing Directorate website ( or the U.S. Army Publishing Agency website .

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