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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get directions on Mapquest?

How to get directions. To create a route on Click the green arrow to the right of the "Start Searching" box. Enter your starting and ending location in the boxes in the left-hand side panel. Click View Route Directions and you're on your way! Please note: Routes are set to give you driving directions by default.

How do I print route directions?

Choose your route and click View Route Directions. Click Print at the top of the left-panel. On our Print Page, choose either Directions & Map or Directions List Only using the options on the left. Click the green Print button at the top of the page to finish printing from your browser.

What can I do with MapQuest?

Get directions MapQuest Travel Route Planner Print your map Get help Search the web Send feedback Find Points of Interest Learn more about our mobile apps. Enterprise solutions Claim your business Developer resources Terms of use Privacy policy Data and licenses About our ads Do not sell

Should I use driving directions?

Let Driving Directions handle all of your travel worries and reservations for everything you'll need on your trip. We'd like to suggest that you use it before you leave your home to start traveling, and we wish you a happy and safe trip.

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