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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a vendor list?

The information required may include a copy of a financial statement, volume of materials produced, sources of parts, union affiliations, and a list of the company executives. Quality assurance procedures can make a difference when it comes to putting together a preferred vendor list.

What should be included in a vendor list?

A vendor list will only include the people that the company pays money to, while the people or companies that they receive money from will be kept on a completely different list, and they will be entered in a separate section of the accounting software, if any is used.

What are the different types of vendors?

The five types of vendors are manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, service and maintenance providers and independent vendors and trade show representatives. The typical process of a vendor entails a buyer submitting a purchase order, a vendor delivering the order, the buyer paying the invoice and the buyer using or selling the goods and services.

What is an approved vendor list?

An approved vendor list shows the main people or companies that the business uses on a regular basis, and that have been chosen to be the preferred ones that they go through first, which is commonly called the preferred vendors list.

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