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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Western nations refusing to send tanks to Ukraine?

For the best part of a year after Russia invaded its neighbour, Western nations refused to send tanks to the Ukrainian army, fearing retaliation from Vladimir Putin. Now tanks are on their way from Britain, the US, Poland and elsewhere and the boundaries of support for Ukraine’s defence are in flux.

What's happening in Ukraine?

Fighting is fierce in eastern Ukraine, where towns face constant Russian bombardment and troops battle Wagner mercenaries near the city of Bakhmut. Meanwhile, an elderly woman died in a Russian missile strike on a Kharkiv residential building and shelling killed at least three people in the southern city of Kherson, Ukrainian officials said.

What happened to the 28th Ukrainian army?

The 28th has had a long war already. It was in the south helping to liberate Kherson before being sent half-way across the country. But it prides itself on one of the lowest casualty rates among Ukrainian brigades.

Is the US sending tanks to Ukraine 'pointless'?

The decision by the United States and NATO allies to send tanks to Ukraine has made it "pointless" for Moscow to engage in any talks with Kyiv, Russia's deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov told state news agency RIA Novosti in an interview released Monday.

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