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Frequently Asked Questions

What is technology innovation and what defines it?

Thus, technology innovation is doing something that creates value with technology. Ignore academic straight-jackets and those that believe only a Silicon Valley company like Google or Apple can be labelled as innovative.

What does technological innovation mean?

What is technological innovation? Technological innovation is innovation in processes and products through the development or implementation of a new technology in order to optimize performance and results.

What are some examples of technological innovation?

creating new products / services / markets. updating something known so it is exciting again. The following are examples of success through innovation –. Technology companies triggering a paradigm shift by impacting industries. A. Apple – changed music and consumer electronics. B. Uber – changing the taxi business.

Is innovation more important than invention?

While invention is the creation of a new idea or concept, innovation is the process where these inventions or concepts are further improved. However, both invention and innovation are different and yet necessary and helps the society from getting stagnated.

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