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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the T10 League?

Since its launch to sellout crowds in Sharjah in 2017, the rise of the T10 League, the world’s only International T10 Franchise League, has been exponential. Sanctioned by the ICC and licensed for ten years by Emirates Cricket Board, each year, the league’s duration, teams, international stars, broadcasters and fan base has increased.

What is the function of the T10 vertebrae?

The T10 has a complete articular facet and the thoracic spinal nerves passes through underneath it. It (in conjunction with the other vertebrae) surrounds the spinal cord and protects it from damage. T10 innervates the muscles of the lower abdomen. It is part of the section of the spinal cord that is most vulnerable to injury due to...

What is the USP of T10 Cricket?

Thrashing of Team Abu Dhabi set up by Gurbaz's scintillating 69 off 29 balls On T10 cricket: "It's completely different than I thought. I think you're never too old to learn, so that's been brilliant" "The USP of T10 cricket is that you can have an eight-ten-team tournament in the space of a couple of weeks"

What is ECS T10?

The ECS T10 competition is one of the tournaments played across various regions in Europe by a mixture of professional and amateur cricketers from respective regions. The primary objective of the tournament is to spread the game across Europe with short but entertaining games of 10 overs per side.

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