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Frequently Asked Questions

What is T-Mobile scam ID and scam block?

All T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers get Scam ID and Scam Block and the full power of the T-Mobile network protecting them. This will make T-Mobile the FIRST and ONLY major wireless provider to protect every customer against scammers — no special device, plan or app required.

What is the T-Mobile scam shield app?

The T-Mobile Scam Shield app lets you easily manage your free mobile scam protection tools from T-Mobile. You can activate Scam Block and Caller ID, see the calls T-Mobile has blocked on your behalf, mark favorites, and report likely scam calls. You can block some text messages using Message Blocking. What you can do

What can Tmobile do about this email phishing scam?

Since TMobile had nothing to do with this scam there is nothing TMobile can do for you other than confirm the scammer was not a TMobile entity. I would talk to your credit card company and work with their fraud department and take their recommendations. Thank you, yes I did that already. This post saved me from the same email phishing scam.

Does T-Mobile offer free caller ID?

With Scam Shield, T-Mobile is giving everyone FREE Caller ID — all individuals, families and small business customers on T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile and Sprint (through the free upgraded Call Screener app). For millions of businesses and people not in your contacts, if we know who’s calling, you’ll know who’s calling.

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