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Frequently Asked Questions

How to solve clue 2 in steam summer sale?

To solve the riddle, you need to find the correct game in the “CITY & SETTLEMENT BUILDERS” store. In this quick guide, you’ll learn the answer to clue 2 in Steam Summer Sale and the rewards that you’ll get. This includes the category and known location of the game. Question: You’ve settled a city and put down your roots.

What are the Steam Summer Sale 2022 clorthax clues?

Here are all Steam Summer Sale 2022 Clorthax clues and riddle answers. Steam has initiated a new quiz game called Clorthax Clues, to let you find some special hidden gems with discounts. These games are not well known in the community with new-age players, but finding the answers is a great way to experience new games in this summer sale.

How do I start the summer sale on Steam?

As it is Summer Sale time, Steam is currently a little bit wonky so it’s possible you won’t be able to complete this all in one go, but we’ll have what answers we can currently get our hands on. To start the event, go to the main Store tab and scroll down to the banner promising “Free Fun This Way.”

What is the Steam Summer Sale scavenger hunt?

With the new Summer Sale comes a new fun little scavenger hunt that Steam is putting on so you can have some fun while getting deals. You’ll be following the humorous trail of fake games.

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