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What is the word for slowly in music?

Three terms that mean "slowly" on a music score include "andante," "adagio" and "largo." As with many other musical terms, these words come from the Italian language and are part of the universal lingo that appears on all music scores. The term "andante" means moderately slow, and the other two terms refer to a further slowing in the music.

Which musical term means a moderately slow tempo?

Definition of andante. at a moderately slow tempo; "this passage must be played andante" a musical composition or musical passage to be performed moderately slow ; a moderately slow tempo (a walking pace) (of tempo) moderately slow ; Anagrams of andante AT AN END - DANTEAN

What is a musical term meaning gradually becoming faster?

Musical Terms. 8eva - an octave higher. A tempo - resume the normal speed after a diversion. Accelerando (accel.) - gradually becoming faster. Adagio - slowly, leisurely. Ad libitum - at pleasure, quite freely. Agitato - with agitation. Allargando - broadening out, often with an increase of tone. Allegretto - moderately fast; slightly slower ...

What is the musical term for fast or slow?

Tempo is an Italian word at the beginning of a piece of music that indicates how slow or fast the music should be played in order to convey a feeling or set the mood. Think of tempo as the speed of the music. Tempo comes from the Latin word tempus meaning "time."

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