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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make your beard Shine?

Here is how you can make your beard shine: A shiny beard comes from clean and soft facial hair, for which a nice and nourishing shampoo is a must. Shampoo your beard to clean it, but do not overdo it as too much shampoo can leave your hair messy and tangled too.

Does a rough beard ruin your personality?

A beard will ruin your personality instead of enriching it because of the roughness of the beard. A rough beard will do no good to your manliness. Either get rid of a rough and straggly beard or learn how to make your beard soft and shiny.

How to stop stripping your beard?

Use beard conditioners that can easily penetrate your skin. Take 1 tbsp of natural oil like olive oil or lavender oil and massage it on your beard hair follicles. This helps in the growth of soft beard hair and reduces stripping. 2. Avoid Fondling Stop playing with your beard. Resist the temptation of fondling the beard.

What makes beard hair grow rough and hard?

General shampoos and conditioners can make your beard hair grow rough and hard. It is advisable to avoid such store-bought items and products unless they are of very good quality. Use beard conditioners that can easily penetrate your skin.

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