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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sanofi Genzyme's rare humanitarian program?

Founded in 1991, Sanofi Genzyme’s Rare Humanitarian Program was created by Henri Termeer to help put patients at the center of care. A visionary in supporting people with rare diseases across the globe, Termeer believed that creating medicines was not enough and more had to be done to help those who could not afford or access treatment.

What does Sanofi do?

Sanofi researchers work closely with registries to ensure the continuous improvement of existing therapies, identify unmet medical needs of rare disease patients, and discover new research directions for both rare and common diseases.

What is Sanofi Genzyme doing with Principia?

In 2020, Sanofi Genzyme expanded its pipeline with the acquisition of Principia, broadening its work in immune-mediated blood disorders. Hemophilia, a rare genetic blood disorder that impairs the ability of blood to clot, is the cornerstone of the Rare Blood Disorders franchise.

How does Sanofi Genzyme carry on Termeer's legacy?

And today, Sanofi Genzyme teams around the world carry on Termeer’s legacy by listening to the needs of our patients and gaining on-the-ground insights, particularly around the obstacles facing a country and its rare disease community. It’s these personal stories that inspire our work every day and push us to do more.

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