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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write references in APA format?

Formatting RulesCapitalize the first word in the title, subtitle, and proper nouns.References should be double-spaced.The first line of each reference should be flush left and any remaining lines should be indented.

How to order APA references?

Ordering works on the APA reference pageMultiple works with the same first author. ...Different authors with the same last name. ...No author (source title) When the author of a work is unknown, the source title is moved to the author position. ...Same author, same date. ...Nothing precedes something. ...Apostrophes, hyphens, parentheses, and brackets. ...M’, Mc, and Mac. ...More items...

Do you numbers the references in APA format?

Yes, in an APA reference list, you will include page numbers. Does APA use numbered citations? Does APA Style allow for numbered, bulleted, or lettered lists? Note, the examples in the APA Style do not include citations. If you are paraphrasing or quoting information in a list you need to include an in-text citation.

How to cite references using APA format?

Supply a heading or section name (this can be abbreviated). "Librarians are the keepers of information" (Johnson & Minchew, 2022, Reference Section)Supply a paragraph number (for unnumbered paragraphs count them accordingly). "Reference is not a mute topic" (Johnson & Minchew, 2022, para. ...Supply a heading or section name and a paragraph number. ...

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