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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some real life examples of assimilation?

There are many potential examples of assimilation. In child development, examples of assimilation might include an infant learning sensorimotor skills. As the child learns new ways to move and pick up objects, they may incorporate this new knowledge into their current worldview. Another example is a child learning math in school.

Is assimilation a good or bad thing?

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to assimilate or accommodate information, but based on what information you have been taught, new information may lead to you different conclusions about the world around you. Before we can adapt our ways of thinking and make room for new information, we experience cognitive dissonance.

What are the different types of assimilation?

Assimilation occurs in two different types: complete assimilation, in which the sound affected by assimilation becomes exactly the same as the sound causing assimilation, and partial assimilation, in which the sound becomes the same in one or more features but remains different in other features.

What is assimilation and how does it help us learn?

Assimilation is a term referring to another part of the adaptation process. It plays an important role in how we learn about the world around us. Examples would be as follows. A college student learning how to use a new computer program. On the other hand accommodation refers to a creation or modification.

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