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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the equation for radioactive decay?

When a radioactive material starts decaying, its mass is reduced exponentially and can be calculated by the formula of radioactive decay: {eq}N (t)=N (0)*e^ {-lambda *t} {/eq} where {eq}lambda {/eq} is the decay constant. The mean lifetime is how long an unstable nuclide stays radioactive.

What is a radioactive decay equation?

The radioactive decay law can be derived also for activity calculations or mass of radioactive material calculations: (Number of nuclei) N = N.e-λt (Activity) A = A.e-λt (Mass) m = m.e-λt. , where N (number of particles) is the total number of particles in the sample, A (total activity) is the number of decays per unit time of a radioactive sample, m is the mass of remaining radioactive material.

What is the count rate of radioactive decay?

The background count rate is measured over a period of 20 minutes because of the random nature of radioactive decay. Dividing by 20 enables the average count rate per minute to be determined. Background count rate is typically 18 counts per minute which does not present a serious health risk to humans.

What is the formula of half-life in radioactive decay?

Radioactive Half Life FormulaN (t) is a function of time, which shows the amount of substance remaining after the decay in a given time.N is the initial quantity of the substancet is the time elapsed, andt1/2 is the half-life of the decaying component

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