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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of R protocollib Bukkit?

ProtocolLib Bukkit Plugins 2,548,878 DownloadsLast Updated: Jun 3, 2020Game Version: 1.15 +9 Download Description Files Issues Wiki Source Pages Relations Main File R ProtocolLib 4.5.1

What is protocollib in Minecraft?

ProtocolLib is a library that allows read and write access to the Minecraft protocol. It handles most of the overhead required with reflection and channel injection and provides wrappers to simplify packet modification. It is updated with most Minecraft updates so, ideally, individual plugins don't have to.

What happened to protocollib?

ProtocolLib. ProtocolLib has, for the most part, moved over to Spigot! If you need support, head over there! Certain tasks are impossible to perform with the standard Bukkit API, and may require working with and even modify Minecraft directly. A common technique is to modify incoming and outgoing packets, or inject custom packets into the stream.

What is the download size of protocollib?

Download FilenameProtocolLib.jar Uploaded bydmulloy2 UploadedJun 3, 2020 Game Version1.15 +9 Size1.43 MB Downloads115,767 MD51b90defa4fe5da6ce27a217a98a75b6a

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