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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word protocol mean?

protocol noun An official record of a diplomatic meeting or negotiation; later specifically, a draft document setting out agreements to be signed into force by a subsequent formal treaty. Etymology: From protocolle, protocole, and its source, protocollum, from πρωτόκολλον, from πρῶτος + κόλλα. protocol noun An amendment to an official treaty.

What is the role of a protocol?

Protocols Are Policies, Or More Precisely, Contracts That Allow Communication Between Network Devices. Role Of Protocol, while guaranteeing the quality of communication, ensures that information will be transmitted with complete accuracy and health. In this article, we intend to review the role of protocols in the network.

What is the medical definition of protocol?

Definition A medical protocol is considered to be a set of predetermined criteria that define appropriate nursing interventions that articulate or describe situations in which the nurse makes judgments relative to a course of action for effective management of common patient care problems.

What is an example of protocol?

Examples of Protocols. Whether or not they actually call it protocol, many organizations have certain unwritten guidelines. For example, the military hierarchy system dictates protocol for addressing various officer ranks, such as a lower-rank military service member is required to salute a high-ranking officer.

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