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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of a custom pipeline in sklearn?

Pipelines can be used for feature selection and thus help in improving the accuracies by eliminating the unnecessary or least important features. Pipeline class is defined in sklearn.pipeline file. So to import that we use: This can be used with the functions of sklearn like:

How to design and develop a feature selection pipeline in Python?

Purpose: To design and develop a feature selection pipeline in Python. Materials and methods:Using Scikit-learn, we generate a Madelon-like data set for a classification task. The main components of our workflow can be summarized as follows: (1) Generate the data set (2) create training and test sets.

What is feature selection in sklearn?

The classes in the sklearn.feature_selection module can be used for feature selection/dimensionality reduction on sample sets, either to improve estimators’ accuracy scores or to boost their performance on very high-dimensional datasets. VarianceThreshold is a simple baseline approach to feature selection.

How do I refer to the hyperparameters of different steps in pipeline?

We do this in the form of a dictionary and we use double underscore notation ( __) to refer to the hyperparameters of different steps in our pipeline. We will be trying out different values of k for the feature selector SelectKBest, as well as different hyperparameter values for each of our three estimators as shown below.

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