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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request or sign up for a patient fusion account?

How do I request or sign up for a Patient Fusion account to gain access to my health records? If you don't have online access to your health records yet, contact your provider to request access to your Patient Fusion account. Review this article for information on what is available in Patient Fusion.

How does patient fusion work?

Electronically share test results, medications, diagnoses, care plans, immunization histories with your patient’s personal health record through Patient Fusion to ensure they always have up-to-date information. Exchange HIPAA compliant messages with your patient population, while keeping your email address private, to efficiently coordinate care.

What is the health records section of patient fusion?

The Health Records section of Patient Fusion contains an overview, as seen in Graphic 1, where patients will find health information that has been shared by the Practice Fusion provider. Please note that sensitive procedures and screenings will not be shared through the patient portal, e.g. "Adult depression screening assessment."

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