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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Count the number of Records in a recordset?

Once you have created a Recordset, you would more than likely want to do something useful with it or manipulate the data in it in some way. You can count the number of records in your dataset (in this case the table called ProductsT) using the following code: The following code loops through our RecordSet:

What is openopenrecordset in SQL?

OpenRecordset ( Name, Type, Options, LockEdit) expression A variable that represents a Database object. The source of the records for the new Recordset. The source can be a table name, a query name, or an SQL statement that returns records.

What is the value of recordcount in a record set?

A Recordsetobject with no records has a RecordCountproperty value of 0. Note The value of the RecordCountproperty equals the number of records that have actually been accessed. For example, when you first create a dynaset or snapshot, you have accessed (or visited) only one record.

How do I reset the recordcount of an object with no records?

A Recordset or TableDef object with no records has a RecordCount property setting of 0. Using the Requery method on a Recordset object resets the RecordCount property just as if the query were re-executed.

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