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Frequently Asked Questions

What does NV mean on a wine list?

What Does NV Mean on a Wine Label? "NV" on a wine label means "Non-Vintage". This means it is a wine made from grapes from more than one harvest. This is very common in Champagne, where the goal of the winemaker is to match a specific flavor and style, so wines are blended over the course of years to create a specific flavor.

What does NV stand for in Senate?

What does NV stand for? NV stands for Not Voting (US Congress; list of members silent on a roll call)

What does NV mean in Dutch?

N.V. is used in Dutch or Dutch-influenced nations: the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, the Dutch West Indies, Indonesia, Curacao, St. Maarten, and Aruba. "Naamloze vennootschap" literally translates as "nameless venture," which is fitting since the shareholders in a public company can maintain anonymity.

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