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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the New Jersey courts website?

To access the New Jersey Courts website, click Browser compatibility There is a known issue with Internet Explorer Version 11 running on Windows 10 which is causing users to attempt to login multiple times unsuccessfully. If you encounter this issue, please use another browser (e.g., Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox).

How do I access Ecourts?

Access eCourts Once you have an attorney account and a linked JACS account, you can log into eCourts Civil, Criminal, and Appellate. Attorneys must file a separate verification form is required to use eCourts Tax. Send the completed form to [email protected] with the subject line “Attorney Access Request.”

How do I file a non-emergent appellate matter in New Jersey?

New Jersey attorneys are required to use eCourts to file all documents in non-emergent appellate matters. Filers can use a credit card if they do not have an attorney JACS account. There will be an additional service fee for credit card payments. See filing fees.

How do I file a joint appeal in Ecourts appellate?

If you are filing a joint appeal, you will add the additional party and their attorney. Once the case is accepted a notice will be sent to the parties. The joint appellant will need to upload a letter of acceptance indicating that they agree to file a joint brief. How do I file a substitution of attorney in eCourts Appellate?

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