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What does Nemesis the word come from?

The word nemesis comes from the ancient Greek culture, in which it gave its name to the goddess also known as Ramnusia (from Ramnonte, an ancient Greek settlement near the city of Attica, today an archaeological site), and which represented solidarity, retribution, vindictive justice, balance and fortune. She was depicted as a winged figure ...

Why is the plural of 'Nemesis' "nemeses" and not 'nemesii'?

The plural of nemesis is nemeses . The plural of nemesis is nemeses . Your nemeses may try to attack and overpower you but you have the upper hand. I love it when two nemesis become allies in a story. The noun nemesis has a Greek root, which is the derivation of the plural nemeses. There is no alternative English plural form.

Is Nemesis a minor god?

Nemesis is often rendered as having wings and wielding a scourge, a.k.a. a whip, or a dagger. She is seen as a symbol of divine justice and an avenger of crime. While only a relatively minor god, Nemesis became an important figure, with gods and mortals alike calling on her for vengeance and retribution. Who is Nemesis?

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