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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to explore Midtown New York?

Wake up at Arlo Midtown and step out into the center of the universe. Times Square and the bright lights of Broadway…this is your midtown neighborhood. See the sights, enjoy the shows, eat, drink and stroll your way through the beating heart of NYC. A hub of subway lines gives you easy access to the rest of the city, too.

What are the best attractions in Midtown New York?

Midtown Manhattan has endless skyscrapers, full sidewalks, and the streets are filled with honking and bicyclists swerving in and out of traffic. This part of the city attracts countless tourists daily to New York City’s most famous landmarks and unique attractions such as the Empire State Building, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt and the Chrysler Building.

What are the best bars and clubs in Midtown New York?

Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Terminal and St. Patrick’s Cathedral are all among the world’s most recognizable destinations. The neighborhood isn’t just sightseeing, however: it also boasts top-flight restaurants and bars, including the Theatre District’s Restaurant Row and rowdy Hell’s Kitchen’s bars and clubs.

Where is Midtown New York located?

Midtown spans the entire island of Manhattan along an east–west axis, bounded by the East River on its east and the Hudson River to its west. The Encyclopedia of New York City defines Midtown as extending from 34th Street to 59th Street and from 3rd Avenue to 8th Avenue.

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