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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Microsoft form?

Prepare Microsoft Word for creating forms. Click the Microsoft Office button and choose “Word Options.” Select “Popular.” Choose “Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon” and press “OK.” Press the Microsoft Office button again. Select “New” from the menu. Choose “My Templates” under Templates. You'll need to use a template to start your form.

Who can use Microsoft forms?

Microsoft Forms is free to use for anyone with a Microsoft account (Hotmail, Live, or The following Office 365 Education suite and Office 365 Commercial suite licenses can also use Microsoft Forms:

How do I create a form in Microsoft Excel?

Creating a Data Entry Form Open Excel. Click Blank workbook. Add the "Form" button to Excel. Enter your column headers. Select your column headers. Click the "Form" button. Click OK when prompted. Enter the data for your first row. Click New. Enter subsequent rows of information. Close the data entry form.

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