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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a soldier mentioned in a dispatch?

Mentioned in Despatches (MiD) A soldier mentioned in dispatches (or despatches) (MID) is one whose name appears in an official report written by a superior officer and sent to the high command, in which is described the soldier's gallant or meritorious action in the face of the enemy.

What is mention in dispatches?

The Mention in dispatches is among the list of awards presented by the Governor General of Canada. [15] Mention in dispatches has been used since 1947, in order to recognize distinguished and meritorious service in operational areas and acts of gallantry which are not of a sufficiently high order to warrant the grant of gallantry awards.

What is the heading of a despatch?

The heading of the despatch tells us which field commander had submitted it and when. Not all despatches included a narrative text, but most did and they could be found on the Long, Long Trail. Many national, regional and local newspapers reproduced the details that had appeared in the “London Gazette”.

What is a despatch in the British Armed Forces?

In the British Armed Forces, the despatch is published in the London Gazette. Soldiers of the British Empire or the Commonwealth of Nations who are mentioned in dispatches but do not receive a medal for their action, are nonetheless entitled to receive a certificate and wear a decoration.

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