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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the membership fee for?

With the membership fees, you can access all the benefits of being a member of the website organization or association. For some of the websites, the membership fee applies as a ticket to accessing certain content from a website.

How much does a club membership cost?

You can become an active member with a one-time initiation fee that will cost from $3,500 to $5,500, followed by monthly dues which would be around $350 per month. For an even more affordable option, some lower-tiered memberships can be as little as $175 a month.

What is another word for membership?

Thesaurus / membership FEEDBACK membership See definition of membership on noun belonging to organization; those belonging to a group synonyms for membership Compare Synonyms enrollment participation associates association body club company fellows group members society

What does a membership include?

What Does Membership Include? Membership includes unlimited access to: 100+ Units on a wide variety of topics. 700+ interactive lessons that target speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Smart Review flash cards: A spaced repetition system that creates review sessions by analyzing your progress in the Units.

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