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Frequently Asked Questions

How does member count work?

These stats are visible to everyone, unlike the previous one requiring access to the server’s settings. All users in the server can keep track of the member count and celebrate upon reaching a milestone. Member Count isn’t the only bot you can use to determine how many users are on a server.

How to check member count on Discord?

With bots, you can check your member count any time you wish. Even other members of your server may do so if you let them. Discord server owners may be curious about their server’s population. While Discord makes it easy to check for Android and iOS, the process is slightly more challenging on PC.

How to check the member count of a server on Android?

Here, you can check the member count if it’s a smaller server. Android users also don’t have to be admins and mods to check each server’s member count. All they have to do is tap the server’s name and locate the option. You can find out your favorite server’s user count on Android this way: Go to any server.

How do I invite member count to the server?

As the administrator, invite Member Count to the server. Select the channel to specify the bot invitation. Click “Authorize.” Go to any text channel. Type “ m!setup ” and press “Enter.” You’ll see a few new voice channels that show you your stats, including the member count.

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