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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best icons in FIFA 22?

FIFA 22: The Best and Cheapest Icons! R9, Viera, Schmeichel and Co. Iker Casillas, Cafu and Robin van Persie raise the total number of icons in FIFA 22 to 105. So, the choice is huge, but some old stars are unfortunately not really playable, because they don't fit to the current FIFA 22 meta.

What's new in FIFA 22?

A lot of Icons feel more powerful than ever in FIFA 22. Updates to the motion capturing and animations, including the all-new 11 vs 11 HyperMotion technology, makes player movements feel more realistic than ever before. That's very noticeable when it comes to Icon cards, many of whom feel like completely different players because of this change.

Who is the best player in FIFA 22?

Ronaldo is the best player in FIFA 22. Not Cristiano Ronaldo, the Brazilian legend. His Icon cards are the most expensive players in the game and with good reason. Pele may have a 98-rated version, but 96-rated Ronaldo costs twice as much as his compatriot.

What players should you not play in FIFA 22?

There are players that you should definitely not play in FIFA 22. Here are the worst and most unpopular icons. Icons are actually something special. They are rare cards that can make the difference at any time in a tight Weekend League match. They are cards that link to every other player and always have a high rating and a high price.

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