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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Laravel is the best PHP framework?

Reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework for large scale applications. 1. Security. Security is an essential element of a database, and the PHP framework Laravel ensures to integrate it into your design. Laravel framework and architecture ensure that the security of applications is taken into consideration.

Is Laravel the best PHP framework?

Laravel is known as one of the few frameworks that offer flexibility, code reusability, and a rich feature set to create amazing websites and online web applications. There are so many technical advantages that Laravel offers which makes it the best PHP framework for 2021. Let's explore them! MVC architecture to enhance the performance

How can I install a specific version of Laravel?

To install the old version of Laravel, the easiest way is to use the composer create-project command. Using this command we only have to specify the project name and Laravel version that we want it to be installed and there you go it's ready. composer create-project laravel / laravel your-project-name 6. 0 .*.

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