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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between LinkedIn optimization and resume optimization?

LinkedIn optimization differs from resume optimization because instead of tailoring to one specific job description, you must optimize for more job types within your industry. With Jobscan LinkedIn Optimization, you can optimize your LinkedIn profile based on three or more job descriptions.

What is JobScan LinkedIn optimization?

With Jobscan LinkedIn Optimization, you see exactly how your profile scores for the jobs you want and receive actionable tips to optimize your profile. Why Does Linkedin Optimization Matter? 138 million users are on LinkedIn in the United States. 44,000 job applications are submitted daily through LinkedIn.

How do I Optimize my resume?

Jobscan optimizes your resume for any job, highlighting the key experience and skills recruiters need to see. Start by uploading your current resume. Then add a job description of interest or choose from the list of samples for tailored tips to optimize your resume. Don’t have your resume on hand? Try a sample scan.

What are the two major tenets of resume optimization?

The two major tenets of resume optimization are identifying the most critical skills in the job description and naturally including them on your resume, and formatting your resume in a way that avoids parsing errors and display issues within applicant tracking systems (ATS). Why do I need to tailor my resume for every job?

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