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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get spam calls to stop?

You have a number of free options for blocking, silencing, or at least putting a warning on incoming calls. The first step to reducing spam calls is to add your number to the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry, which at least cuts down on legitimate businesses cold-calling you.

Does T Mobile have a spam blocker?

The T-Mobile Scam Shield app lets you easily manage your free mobile scam protection tools from T-Mobile. You can activate Scam Block and Caller ID, see the calls T-Mobile has blocked on your behalf, mark favorites, and report likely scam calls. You can block some text messages using Message Blocking.

Will new phone number stop spam calls?

Sometimes telemarketers might call a number based on previous purchases where a company has sold your information but mostly scammers are calling multiple numbers and whoever picks up. You close one number sooner rather than later same scammers will be calling on your new number. A new number won't stop scam phone calls.

Will spam calls ever stop?

The National Do Not Call Registry will prevent a lot of unwanted calls, but it won't stop all of them. A spam-filtering app can give you a second layer of protection and is a good add-on to your overall smartphone security.

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